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Blogspot vs. WordPress: What Do Visitors Want and What Makes for a Good Blog

Blogspot and Blogger are the same thing. Pyra Labs created Blogger and if you wanted to use Blogger to post a blog then they would be hosted at In 2003 it was bought by ... Continue Reading →

Suffering From A Case Of Blog Burnout? Here Are 10 Possible Antidotes

At the last count, there were approximately 300 million websites online, an increasing percentage of which are blogs. Blogging is seen as the ultimate way to get your point/product/service ... Continue Reading →

The 10 Best Racing Games to Play

The speed, the thrill, the excitement, the skills, the dangerous roads, the passion to go beyond others, in a nutshell “the ultimate driving experience” we miss in the real ... Continue Reading →

Download 12 Best Windows 8 Wallpapers HD

Windows 8 Wallpaper
Microsoft Windows 8 is an awesome Operating System running on the latest technology. This version bags some desirable features such as better support for advanced software’s & ... Continue Reading →

8 Best Mobile Phones Ranking

The war between Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8 and Blackberry is never ending. Today we heavily rely on our phones not only for communication purposes but for browsing internet, enjoying ... Continue Reading →

Hey Skype I Want “Show Offline to Specific User” Feature

Without any exaggeration if I describe my stance “Skype has transformed the dreams of tech savvy geeks into a reality”. Imagine the life over a decade ago, internet was ... Continue Reading →

Top Business Analysis Models an Entrepreneur must learn

SWOT Analysis
Business transformation and process adaptation are integral towards the competitive survival of business enterprises. The dynamics of Business analysis play a vital role in ensuring ... Continue Reading →

Top Bloggers in Pakistan Ranking 2012

naveed javaid
Blogs are internet media channels that have a profound effect on the way information is shared over internet. Recalling the early days, there used to be a time when Blogging was something ... Continue Reading →

ACCA June 2012 Exams Result Declared on 8 August 2012

ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) has announced that it will declare results for the June 2012 Exams Attempt on Wednesday 8th August 2012 at 05:00 BST and 10am Pakistan ... Continue Reading →

A Checklist to See If Your Site Is SEO Friendly

seo checklist
A Checklist to See If Your Site Is SEO Friendly Imagine dedicating a great deal of your time and effort on developing and designing a website only to discover that you cannot find it ... Continue Reading →